The Dragons' Complete Works

A Bee's Breakfast


This anthology buzzes around the area now known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In future decide to call itself several different things at once. The events of June 2016 showed that referenda have stings in their tails... Poems, too.

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Not A Drop...


Back when ancient mariners sailed the seven seas they didn’t know what they were missing... To whit, at least a hundred other salty deeps. And of course, a poem to match. Life jackets on? Even safe waters rock the Beautiful Dragons. Bon Voyage...

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My Dear Watson


Think of the periodic table. To those of a scientific disposition it is a tool. To the rest of us, mysterious, a code to unlock another world. Fair game, then, for poetry. But how do you find a poet to interpret every element on the table. You  invite them. Elementary, My Dear Watson.

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Heavenly Bodies


There are 88 constellations in the sky, or thousands, or none. Depends who's looking. Whatever... now, they each have their own poet and  star dust shines on their poems. Be gently, gently, dazzled.

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Solstice. A poem for each hour of the longest day of the year, each by a different poet. The result: midsummer any time you pick it up.

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 In 2017, from the Dragons’ perspective, life took a dodgy turn. Call it political climate change, manipulation, or just  ohgodno,it was time to shout. Past tub-thumpers, treatise writers, and freedom fighters show our species at its finest. Why not jump on their bandwagons, holler for our own time? It's way to diffuse excess energy. Have a read. Then, relax, restored to that allegedly perfect temperature…

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