Noble Dissent

A good old rant ... or 72

Noble Dissent: The fall to grace

72º is apparently  the perfect ambient room temperature for the human body. Which is why, early in ’17 precisely 72 Beautiful Dragons Poets anthologised! The correlation: The Current State Of The World. 

     From our point of view,  there was scant alternative to heat and bother. That genial old dame, democracy, took a dodgy turn. Call it political climate change, call it voter manipulation or betrayal, or just another point of view.

  Whatever, it was time to put our oars in. Such rants and rages aren’t new. It is precisely the tub-thumpers, treatise writers, freedom fighters and those willing to die for the human rights who show our species at its finest and most creative. 

     Why not, then, take  those stalwart souls as a guide, jump on their bandwagons and holler for our own time? It's one safe way to diffuse excess energy.

     Have a read. Shout along with us. Then, relax, restored to that allegedly perfect temperature…